Planning and planting of plants and trees in the interior / interior greening

Before the final planting, these parameters must be clarified in advance:

  • Plant light / correct lux number - color spectrum for photosynthesis
  • Glass - correct transmittance factor = DEGREE OF TRANSMISSION
  • Temperature + humidity all year round
  • Air movement - drafts, clarifying of opening elements
  • Planting bed - dimensions for trees
  • Drainage
  • Substrates - pressure-resistant, germ-free, root-friendly
  • Irrigation - manual or automatic irrigation systems
  • Chloride air in thermal baths and pools - air conditioning misinterpreted or implemented = deadly for the plants
  • Ability for pathing the building with large trees – indoor
  • Tree selection in type, size and shape
  • Pflegeaufwand - Pflege-Service
  • Maintenance effort - maintenance service

We help you to implement the correct requirements for a successful room greening from the planning of your building - our claim for professional room greening and tree planting = 15-20 years of growth! That should also be your requirement

  • We advise you on a project basis.
  • We check and create all parameters as shown above.
  • We create picture montages to make the right choice of plants and trees possible.
  • We finally offer all the necessary materials, large planter pots, inspection shafts, etc.

Our 2nd house company is then finally your plant and tree supplier

As soon as we know all the parameters and have made them possible, Botanic International will then make appropriate offers for the plants and goods.

So that all of our information and work for a perfectly prepared green space in your special project is not simply used for third-party providers, we allow ourselves to charge a small nominal fee for our professional work.


The highlight: At the moment when you or your builder and company order corresponding orders for the project from Botanic International, the nominal fee does not apply.

Botanic-International-glasshouse for big tropical trees and plants - buy online

SEND us now your plans and sketches and we will advise you on your project in a timely manner.