The most important thing in a succesfull room greening is the plant light!

Almost every second interior greening has to be artificially re-lit with plant light in addition or completely!

Either the tree or the plants are not optimally illuminated from all sides with daylight or the built-in window fronts have been built with a glass that has a too low light permeability value - transmission level - for healthy photosynthesis of the plants

We know the optimal values of the glasses as they have to be at least in order to make a healthy photosynthesis of the plants and trees possible.

However, in most construction projects - if notified early enough - the installation of plant lamps is not a problem.

We calculate the optimal lighting situation (light calculation) with the planning order, with knowledge of the room in terms of dimensions, room situation and plants or tree information.

Our partner company, which designs these different plant lights and offers them to the corresponding electrical companies, is one of the few companies in Europe (3 companies are only known to us) that are not only up to date in terms of lighting technology for the photosynthesis of trees but also design and offer elegant plant lamps .

Again and again, electrical companies appear on the market which offer plant lamps, but which do not allow healthy and completely satisfactory photosynthesis of our plants afterwards.

As a result, trees and plants completely peel off within a few weeks and no longer green.

Since we have already installed these plant lamps manufactured by our professional specialist dealers and production companies many times in our projects and are very satisfied with them, we only grant our 3-month growth guarantee on our plant products when using these plant lamps.

We do not allow any other TESTs with apparently similarly good results for our projects, because we want to make sure that our building owner and customer receive a perfect green space from us.

Optimales LED Pflanzenlicht für Greenwall und Innenraumbegruenung

See other example greenery artificially lit and illuminated.

Innenraumbegruenung Pflanzenlicht Wachstum Photosynthese

Gesundes Wachstum, aber auch optisch eine Augenweide unsere Pflanzenwacshtums-Lichter für die Innenraumbegrünung!

Pflanzenlicht versenkt in Decke verstellbar

Pflanzenlicht für Ficus nitida Baum in moderner Küche

Pflanzenlicht bucida baum

Pflanzenlicht für einen Bucida buceras Baum im Gewerbe

This Nitida tree in a commercial project in Poland actually has a glass facade on one side up to the top. BUT in the back of the tree the light is not sufficient for healthy development and uniform growth, so we have also built in plant light to support good photosynthesis and growth of the tree.

Nitida Baum im kuenstlichen Pflanzenlicht

Ficus nitida tree in artificial plant light – Poland

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