The glass of the facades and atria must be checked before planting

What use are large facades and window fronts if the glasses that are installed have too low a light transmission value - the degree of transmission.

Then living plants and trees still have to be supported with artificial plant light suppert for plants, is about ...%

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Bucida and other big trees interior behind glass fronts and atria

The next example of a green groject like here in Switzerland shows that even a skylight is not completely sufficient if it is subsequently shaded or at least temporarily protects the overhead glazing from light penetration with an extendable shade.

Then artificial plant lighting must also help here in order to provide the plants and trees underneath with sufficient light.

Bucida buceras trees inside a company in switzerland

First the best daylight from above...

Bucida tree with artificial plant light required -  Switzerland

....but then artificial plant light is required because of subsequent shading!

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